Turning waste liabilities into Energy assetsMulti Feedstock up to 100% FFA2G BiodieselLower Cost
Waste to Energy
The significant advantage of Green City is the ability to use waste as feed stock, such can't be used for any purpose, at best these waste goes to landfills, and other times just pollute the environment.
By using our revolutionary innovative technology we are able to convert it into renewable fuel.
Our "GC" units
Our "GC" series of compact, efficient and feedstock-flexible processors work optimally with the enzyme biocatalyst. All processors include a pre-treatment unit tailored to the clients' feedstock requirements and feature true continuous flow technology.
תחליפי דלק
חברת גרין סיטי מציעה ללקוחותיה אלטרנטיבה לסולר למגוון שימושים.
מהיום אפשר גם להוריד בהוצאות הדלק וגם להוריד משמעותית את זיהום האויר והקרקע.
Green City turns waste liabilities into energy assets by replacing chemicals used in the production of biodiesel with revolutionary, ultra-efficient enzyme technology.

Our patented process will convert any type of FOG into ASTM quality biodiesel, including waste greases with FFA levels of up to 100%.

We believe that waste-FOG derived biodiesel using our process is the world's most environmentally friendly and socially responsible energy source - we welcome you to browse our website to find out more.
Featured News
10 September 2014
Green City has a new leaflet. View it here.
02 September 2014
Green City will take part in the Japan-Israel Ecoforum in Tokyo, 12-16th Sept.
29 August 2014
We have changed our website and e-mails to greencityltd.com - please update your records.
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