Enzymatic Trans Esterification

Green City uses enzymes to catalyze the esterification and trans esterification reactions in a single step process. Our enzyme is the most effective and advanced on the market, and the only one able to work in true continuous flow systems.
  • Feedstock Flexible - The enzyme works with any type of FOG - including undegummed crude oils and high FFA feedstock such as brown grease and PFAD
  • Fewer Steps - Combined esterification and trans esterification, no degumming, no wastewater treatment, fewer washes and no final polishing.
  • Quicker Process - Reaction time of just minutes means our system works in true continuous flow - unlike other enzymes which take many hours to react in batch processes
  • Lower Costs - Reaction temperatures of only 35 degrees and the above efficiencies mean that we can guarantee you will save money by switching to our system, no matter if you currently produce biodiesel from soybean oil or brown grease.
  • Purer By-Products - Our glycerin is crystal clear and 50% purer than in a conventional method. Any alcohol included non-dehydrated methanol and ethanol can be used to further save costs.
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